Tanna Island


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Tanna Island is one of Vanuatu’s most southern remote islands. On a mobile health clinic trip, as well as working hard, you will have plenty of time to discover its amazing culture, fantastic scenery, beautiful beaches, waterfalls and memorable sunsets.


Vanuatu Facts

  • Vanuatu is shaped like the letter ‘Y’ and is comprised of 83 islands.
  • The population of Vanuatu is approximately 273,000 and is predominantly Christian. Visitors are welcome to attend Sunday church services across the country.
  • Vanuatu’s traditional handicrafts include carving, painting, weaving and potting.
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Tanna Island Facts

  • Tanna Island is approximately 2400km east of Cairns, Queensland Australia. It is approximately 40km long and 19km wide.
  • The population of Tanna is around 30,000.
  • Tanna means “earth”, which is very fitting as it is an island of dirt roads, and being remote, is remarkably untouched.
  • The capital of Tanna Island is Isangel, which is located on the west side of the island near the popular town called Lenakel. This is where the island’s only and very under- resourced hospital is located.
  • The highest peak on Tanna is Mount Tukosmera, standing at 1,084m high. Tanna is also home to Mount Yasur which is an active volcano and one of the island’s major tourist attractions. No visit to Tanna is complete without a visit to the fiery volcano.
  • Tanna life is very traditional and relaxed. In some parts of Tanna, children do not go to school and clothing is minimal.
  • Summer falls between November and March with temperatures of around 28 degrees Celsius. Summer is hot and humid but with a cool ocean breeze. April to September temperatures are around 23 degrees Celsius. The wet season is November to April which is normally when the wild weather hits and has in the past brought tropical cyclones into the region.
  • Tanna was first settled by Melanesians in 400BC, and first visited by Captain James Cook in 1774. It was Captain Cook who gave the island its name.

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For those who are travelling with us to Tanna Island, we will supply an up-to-date Travel Information Booklet with lots of additional information relevant to each Bridging Health Working Holiday Trip.