About Bridging Health

Our Vision
To improve health care in underdeveloped countries, beginning with Tanna Island, Vanuatu.

To create a healthier tomorrow

Registration and the formation of Bridging Health
Bridging Health Inc. formed in 2012, after Ricco Yasso, a descendant of Vanuatu, approached Australian nursing student, Sherrie Lee, to request her assistance in providing health care to communities on Tanna Island.

img_6904The initial need was identified after seeing local village children playing with infected leg wounds, and subsequently making enquiries about local services available to treat them.  The enquiries uncovered a dire shortage of health care facilities and services necessary to enable effective wound healing, but more importantly, uncovered a much deeper need for primary health care on Tanna Island.

Following this initial observation, planning commenced to develop a charity to meet the community’s need for basic health care. This vision of aiding less fortunate communities by offering health care in a tropical location by visiting qualified health care professionals instigates a healthier future for time forgotten communities.

In order to deliver the most appropriate health care to the community, the following five elements guide our vision:
1. Education – improve basic health care knowledge in local communities
2. Resources – provide appropriate supplies to local communities to improve health care
3. Sustainability – ensure continuous improvement of health care
4. Empowerment – inspire local health care professionals to influence health care change
5. Relevance – ensure solutions are relevant to local communities

For much more detailed information, please download our information booklet in the Downloads section of this site.