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Medicare Reform: A Bipartisan Solution

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Nearly 20% of Americans rely on Medicare for health care, but as the population rapidly ages, the program faces increasing financial challenges: Medicare’s Hospital Insurance Trust Fund is estimated to become insolvent by 2031. At the same time, beneficiaries struggle to pay their share of the cost and navigate a complex system.

Join BPC for a discussion on bipartisan solutions to improve beneficiary experience and ensure a fiscally responsible Medicare program. At this event, BPC will release federal policy recommendations that aim to enhance Medicare benefits, increase competition, establish better program management, and improve financing. While Congress has been reluctant to address Medicare’s long-term solvency, BPC presents a politically viable path forward that would lead to a more financially sustainable program.

Featured Participants:


G. William Hoagland | Senior Vice President, BPC

Mark E. Miller | Exec. VP, Health, Arnold Ventures

Fireside Chat

Alex Azar | Former HHS Secretary

Donna Shalala | Former HHS Secretary

Margaret Spellings | President and CEO, BPC (Moderator)


Kathleen Buto | Principal, Kathleen Buto Consultants

James Capretta |Senior Fellow, AEI

Juliette Cubanski | Deputy Director, Medicare Policy, KFF

Matt Fiedler | Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Maya Goldman | Health Policy Reporter, Axios (Moderator)

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