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Clearing the Path: Tackling America's Visa Backlog

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The U.S. immigration system is struggling under visa backlogs with severe impacts on American people, businesses, and economic growth. Millions of individuals sit in visa queues, restricting our labor supply at a time when the aging U.S. labor force is in dire need of new workers. A lack of processing resources and outdated legislation are allowing these backlogs to continue growing, with urgent policy changes required to deal with these systemic issues.

Join us for a panel discussion examining the impacts of these backlogs and potential policy solutions. We will also be discussing a forthcoming BPC report that estimates the economic benefits of clearing green card backlogs, underlining the vital importance of urgent action.

Panel Discussion:

Daniel Di Martino | Graduate Fellow, Manhattan Institute and Economics Ph.D. Candidate, Columbia University

Jack Malde | Senior Policy Analyst for Immigration and Workforce Policy, BPC

Eleanor Pelta | Immigration Law Partner and Head of Practice, Morgan Lewis LLP

Madeline Zavodny | Economics Professor, University of North Florida; Research Fellow, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA)

Theresa Cardinal Brown | Senior Advisor for Immigration and Border Policy, BPC (Moderator)


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